Get paid for phone orders, instantly.

Cate answers the phone, listens to your customer’s order, and sends them a text message to collect payment - straight to your point of sale.

No special apps or devices and callers can transfer to a human anytime.

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how it works
Cate AI phone assistant

we are integrated with

  • Square
  • Toast
  • Clover


  • Phone orders stack up quickly
  • Customers may not come and close out
  • Phone orders are easy revenue without delivery platform fees


Close out phone orders instantly with a phone assistant that works 24/7

Elevate Your Restaurant's Phone Experience.

Traditional phone answering can keep customers waiting and orders delayed. With Cate AI, ensure every call is a step towards impeccable service and increased revenue.

  • Instant Response, Zero Wait: 24/7

    Never miss a call again. With Cate AI, your customers experience lightning-fast order handling, every time.

  • Seamless POS Integration:

    Effortlessly link with Square, Toast, and Revel. Set up in minutes, not hours, and let our system handle accurate order placements with automatic upselling.

  • Multilingual Mastery:

    Communicate effortlessly. From English and Spanish to Hindi and Telugu, Cate AI speaks your customers language, with more languages on the horizon.

  • Smart Upselling:

    Boost your average ticket size. Cate AI suggests add-ons and specials, driving increased sales with each order.

  • Scheduled Order Handling:

    Whether it's immediate or for later, Cate AI ensures orders are organized, queued, and ready as per your customers preferences.

  • Integrated Feedback System:

    Elevate customer satisfaction. Cate AI gathers feedback post-order, providing invaluable insights and opportunities to enhance your services, ensuring every diner's experience is top-tier.

Awards and Recognitions

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  • techStars
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Flat pricing, no management fees.

Whether you’re one person trying to get ahead or a big firm trying to take over the world, we’ve got a plan for you.



Up to 300 Calls/mo

  • Customized AI Tone & Greetings
  • Auto-text order confirmations
  • Basic Analytics Dashboard
  • Single Point of Contact for Support
  • Standard POS Integrations
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Up to 1,000 Calls/mo

  • Everything in Bistro, plus
  • Premium Onboarding Experience
  • Tailored Customer Recommendations
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Custom POS Integrations
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Up to 2,500 Calls/mo

  • Everything in Gourmet, plus
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Multiple Location Support
  • Customized Analytics Reports
  • Advanced POS Integrations
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